'Opening Doors'

Inhouse began with our Security Service and both directors are highly involved in the day to day operations to ensure continued development and high standards remain at the heart of the business. After recruitment, all our staff participate in our internal training programme. We feel this is a crucial measure to ensure and maintain the best possible services to our clients, services which we tailor to our clients needs. These range from large scale operations and deployment at festivals, to small scale, regular teams at venues. We also secure sites before, during and after events, we offer professional consultation for security operation and emergency planning, and can offer close protection for high profile clientele.
As part of our Cleaning Services, we coordinate trained, professional and friendly cleaning staff to meet your requirements. Our cleaning services can be requested on a long term, short term or temporary one-off contract basis. We work within a variety of venues and buildings, from small offices to large industrial properties. We can provide Clean Teams for one-off events, domestic home cleaning services, deep cleaning services for various environments including commercial kitchens, bars and restaurants, jet wash for external areas, pre-paint cleans and even holiday cover for your existing staff. Our company is not restricted to business hours and we are happy to coordinate our services to meet your business needs. Our staff have a knowledge and understanding of best practice, they are all COSHH trained and will be sensitive to your business requirements. Also, you will be pleased to know, we only use the best quality, 'environmentally friendly' chemicals, all of which meet relevant European safety criteria and are included within our quoted prices.
Inhouse Services provide regular Crew Teams at several of the venues across the city as well as for external events and festivals. We can provide crew teams to work alongside existing staff within your venues or we can coordinate and operate our own independent Crew Team to manage and build your production sites. Our crew staff are experienced in a variety of production and technical skills including 'load in's', 'load outs' , de-rigg's, stage and barrier construction, queueing systems and site builds including perimiter fences.
Our Event Service can start from the point of concept to the final debrief and everything inbetween. This includes: concept, financial forecast and budget, license procurement, risk assessments, site planning and design, site build and deconstruction, staffing, deployment and training, programming, resourcing external contractors and infrastructure, operations guides and manuals, site maintenance, cleaning teams and even event statistic reports. Within our Event Teams we have a variety of staff to suit your needs, from event safety stewards, hosts, ushers and fire marshals. We are happy to provide our event staff for different locations throughout the U.K. Like all our staff, members of the event team must pass our thorough recruitment process and complete our internal training before they can work an event.
About Inhouse Stewards
Inhouse Stewards Ltd. is a professional, personable services company based in Glasgow offering singular services or a portfolio of services to meet your requirements.
We're experienced in providing consultation and trained staff that deliver customer service focused services across a wide spectrum of forums, these include; internationally renowned hotels, festivals, cultural events, student unions and innovative, avant garde music venues.
As part of our promise to deliver high calibre services we strive to work alongside the best companies in their respective fields and so we a put great consideration in when selecting our clients to ensure mutual growth and prosperity.

Our core Values are
  • Positivity - a proactive approach to all that we do.

  • Teamwork - working together to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all our clients, customers and colleagues.

  • Determination - to provide the best service and opportunities we can to progress and to develop.

Mission Statement:
"To make a positive impact on Scotland's social environment by providing progressive, personable and professional services."
We take great interest in our employees, their well being and personal development both inside and outside of our company. We aim to promote within the company and where this is not possible provide advice and opportunities to pursue alternative careers.
Hire Us If you would like to know more about hiring us, if you'd like to discuss a quote or even an idea for an event, send us a message via the 'Contact' section on the website. One of the team will get back to you and get the ball rolling within 48 hours.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Employment Opportunities
We are always looking for the right talent to work with Inhouse. If you are a professional, courteous, reliable and enthusiastic person please feel free to contact us about application. We must stress that applicants looking to go directly into a Door Supervisor or Crew Team role require an S.I.A badge. This is not necessary if you are interested in working in our other services such as the Clean Team or Event Team.

If you feel you meet our criteria, complete the recruitment application below.

1. Which position are you applying for?
Please select from these options, you can only select Door Supervisor or Crew if you have a valid SIA license which you will be prompted to input. Door Supervisor (Security Staff)
Crew Staff
Event Staff
Cleaning Staff
What is your SIA License Number?
2. What is your Full Name?
3. What is your Email Address?
4. What is your Mobile/ Telephone number?
5. What is your Home Address?
6. What is your Postcode?
7. What is your Emergency Contact Details
7.1 Relationship to you?
7.2 Full Name
7.3 Mobile/ Telephone number
8. What is your Height and Weight?
8.1 Height (ft and in)
8.2 Weight (st and lb)
9. What are your academic qualifications?
10. What is your work history?
11. Please give 3 reasons why would you be a good candidate
12. Where did you hear about us?
Employment FAQ's
Q. What happens with my application information?
All the information you send us is reviewed by our recruitment team. This information is safely stored on our secure server.

If successful
If your application is successful, the information will be imported in to your personal profile for the company, which you will be able to view on the Inhouse Management Suite If you accept the proposed contract of employment from the company.

If not successful or you change your mind
If your application is unsuccessful or you change your mind and/ or no longer wish to work for the company, all the information you have given will be permanently deleted. When this information has been deleted from the server, you will be generated a message of confirmation. The only information the company will temporarily hold onto will be your Full Name and Email address. This will be kept on the company's secure server on a database of previous candidates. This information is kept so we can check new applications to determine if the candidate has been unsuccessful at interview or has been with the company in the past 5 years. The database will automatically delete this information from anyone outwith the 5 year time line. This information will not be shared to anyone outwith relevant departments within the company. If at any point you wish to see if the company holds any information on you, we will be happy to check and get back to you, however this may incur a small administration fee for our efforts.

Q. Why do I need to provide my height and weight?
By ascertaining peoples dimensions, it allows us to pre-plan appropriate sleeping and travel arrangements (e.g. tent sizes at festivals, number of employees per tent etc).
Contact us
If you have a request for any of our services or simply require some help on consultation, please feel free to contact us using the form provided below.

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